Portrait of Shweta Kaushal

Shweta Kaushal

Product Designer

Designing and building products, interfaces, and interactions.

I’m currently working at Tricog Health. Building open-source projects, Jenga-UI and Jenga-Icons at Forneu. Before that, I graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technlogy with a bachelor’s degree in communication design.


A selection of open-source projects on which I am working.


As part of the Jenga-UI open-source team, I am working on many aspects of Jenga-UI. From creating it from the ground up using Figma and Auto-Layout modules, to building things like variants and reusable components to color theming and docs.



I believe icons are universal language to communicate. Jenga is building an open-source icons library which unites us globally — a language that allows quick and easy communication irrespective of region, race or ethnicity. Jenga-Icons are easy to customize and plug in to your design. Truly consistent in style and scale. It will easily gelled up with your product.


Forneu - Serverless Platform

Building Forneu serverless cloud platform. This is a multi-cloud serverless platform which allows you build your product faster and less worrying about infrastructure. Everything is as easy as drag and drop. It also allows you to bring preferred tools, workflows and frameworks.



A selection of open source—projects in which I'am participating.


A UI Design Language, UI Library of Web Components, and Runtime CSS Framework for rapidly building interfaces that follow your Design System 🌈

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A framework-agnostic CSS-in-JS solution with style-to-state bindings, SSR, and a next-level developer experience.

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A fast, reusable, composable, and accessible React components for your React apps. It makes it super easy to create websites and apps.

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A flexible icon family for interfaces, diagrams, presentations — whatever, really.

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Theme Generator

CSS Color Theme Generator built with Numl & HSLuv color space 🌈. HSLuv is a human-friendly alternative to HSL.

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A history of places I’ve worked and studied at.

  • Tricog Health2021Present

    UX/UI Designer

  • Forneu2019Present

    Open-Source Creator

  • Ducere Technologies20202021

    Visual & UX/UI Designer

  • Butterfly Edufields2019

    Graphic Design Intern

  • Spring formerly Teespring2018

    Contract Graphic Designer

  • NIFT Patna20152019

    Bachelor of Design